Michael Thomas Franklin


The Dunes Conservatory and Futuresound
In 1977 Michael purchased his first home in Beverly Shores,Indiana.
Beverly Shores was a beautiful vacation community on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, home to many artists. He built an addition to the house and created Futuresound Studio. The studio was state of the art at the time, with an 8-track analog multi-track 1’ tape machine. From 1977 to 1984 be would record many commercials, Sound tracks libraries, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, Danny and The Juniors, and Jazz bassist Eldee Young, Jazz Pianist Ken Chaney.
In 1983 he purchased The Beverly Shores public School and converted it into the second location of Fututresound. The building housed a Gymnasium, cafeteria, and several classrooms. Many artist he would visit the studio: Lou Christie, Del Shannon, Wolfman Jack, The Drifters, Pat Travers, Pete Seger and many others.

Felix The Cat
In 1992 while producing Rick Wakeman’s Classic Tracks, Michael met Don Oriolo. Don was a musician, producer, and artist, who’s father Joe Oriolo, was the artist and creator of the Felix The Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Mighty Hercules cartoons. Don continued the legacy of Felix with that his father developed. Don asked Michael and his studio to produce music for several Felix Productions, “Baby Felix”, “Felix Saves Xmas,“Felix’s Musical Journey, “Black Cat Blues” and others. In 1999 Don brought Michael to Japan to work on a live theatrical project for Hello Kitty.
Though Michael had toured Japan many times, he enjoyed the opportunity to live and work in Japan for long periods of time, learning the language and the culture. For almost 20 years Michael continues to work with Felix the Cat, on creative productions and has hopes to bring the character and it’s productions to China.

White House Jazz
1978 Tim and Michael were invited to the 25th anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival at The Rose Garden at The White House. Michael held a beer in each hand as Tim snapped the photos of all of their jazz heroes. Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Dexter Gordon, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Sonny Rollins and others. After watching attentively at every piano master perform at close range, Cecil Taylor did an Avanti grade piece. A man came up to Michael and asked him, “Do you think it is any good?” Michael replied, I don’t rally understand it. It’s either over my head or it’s Bullshit.” The man replied quickly, “It’s bullshit, if you want to see a real piano play come with me after the show.” That man was Stan Getz, and after the White House show, Stan Getz, Dick Cavett, Tim and I went to the Blues Alley and watched Joann Brackeen. Amazing piano player! Next week she played the jazz Showcase and gave me a lesson. The night following the White House Jazz Fest, Tim and I were on WCFL with Joe McClure highlighting the show. Herbie Hancock and Ray Brown stopped in. I got some piano pointers from Herbie that I still use everyday.

Celebrity Piano
In 1991 on the last day of taping “Wolfman Jack’s Rock and Roll Palace”, Michael received word that Kurzweil/Young Chang, the company who sponsored him with keyboards, would give him a grand piano for the rolling credits on the TV show for 3 years. Billy Preston gave him the idea to have the keys sign and auction it off for charity. It took 6 months and $6000.00 in Fedex, for the white keys to travel around the world and be signed by the great keyboards plays of the day. Every Genre of piano was represented. Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea in Jazz, Keith Emerson and Patrick Moraz in Classic Rock, Floyd Cramer and Mikey Gilley in Country, Victor Borge and Andre Previn in Classical, Paul McCartney, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder gave him a thumbprint. It was auctioned at a Gala event and raised money for Give Kids The World. In 1992 a concert was played on the piano. The concert hosted by Wolfman Jack, featured Brian Wilson, Patrick Moraz, Rick Wakeman, Frankie Ford, Manfredo Fest and Michael Franklin.

American International Carnival
In 2004 while in Shanghai Michael attended on of the first carnivals ever in China. He saw the need for entertainment for the Chinese people. He began to call carnivals through out the USA. Over the next year he would work to bring an American style carnival to China. The Murphy Brother Carnival Company of Tulsa Oklahoma would perform its first carnival in Tianjin, China August 15th 2005. The second would be in Nanning, Guanxi Province in January of 2006.

Evolution Solar
In 2004 Michael produced a CD “Legacy” for Avo Uvezian an internationally known cigar maker and Jazz Pianist. In support the CD, he traveled with Avo to Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. During the stop in Taipei, he met a well know scientist and inventor Wood Chen and played the piano at his mountaintop home. Mr. Chen had advised him that there was a bright future in solar energy. When he moved to China in 2005 he began to source solar products and learn about the industry as he was learning his Mandarin. He began to consult for many US companies. In 2008 he became The Director of Asian Operations for Evolution Solar and directs one of their subsidiaries Synergy Design and Development in Shanghai.

Introduced to China November 1, 2000. Michael was immediately inspired by the culture shock that is China.
American International Carnival 2004-2006,
He started Asia Direct Trade in 2004, exported stone products for Home Depot
Consultant for Evolution Solar 2008 to present sourcing solar technology.
Consultant for Impact HK 2007-present. Impact is one of the largest production companies in Asia, producing of the concerts throughout Asia.
2010 became CEO of Synergy Design and Development a division of Evolution Solar.
He continues to consult for Hard Rock and Oriolo Guitars.

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